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HPV 100 Six (6) Flashes Fault

January 2003

Instantaneous Over Current
Occurs when the HPV 100 detects:
  • currents greater than 400% of the unit's rating (both 6-wire and 3-wire applications)
  • the staring current levels are 150% greater then the Starting Current Setting (6-wire applications only)


Motor Miswiring
If the motor is miswired, it can still startup but will exceed the starting current set level. Check the motor wiring per the starter manual.
  • The wires on the load motor could not be marked or the markings could be wrong (i.e. if the motor was rewound) then swap the positions of two motor wires going to the fault contactor.
  • Verify that the wires common to an incoming phase are not from the same motor winding, otherwise no motor current will flow.

Bad Motor
An instantaneous overcurrent indicates a very large surge of motor current.
  • Verify motor wiring for shorts phase to phase or to ground. Megger or Hi-pot the motor to ground at the proper voltage level.
  • Verify that all connections are tight.
  • Verify proper motor impedance phase to phase.

Motor Run Input Issue (terminals 3 & 4)
This fault can also be caused by rapidly toggling the run signal. The run input rated for 120VAC but has very low current draw.
  • Verify that any relay used in the run input is rated for low current; gold plated or flashed contacts are preferred.
  • Verify that all control wiring is secure and that the run signal is continuous for the duration of the run period.

For technical details on the HPV 100: Technical Manual - HPV 100
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