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Technical Services

Technical Questions

Online Documentation Prior to calling, please review the online technical documentation.

Documentation - Downloadable Technical Manuals

Contact Information
US  800-236-1705, Press 1 for Technical Support
UK  +44 (0) 1234 349191

For support on shipped products if system is not operating, please verify operation of external devices and car controller prior to contacting Magnetek.

To make this call most effective, please have the following information available:
  • Car Controller manufacturer and time in service.
  • A complete description of the Magnetek drive from the drive nameplate (i.e. model number).
  • The start-up, or diagnostic, steps you have gone through that have led you to believe the drive is the system component requiring assistance.
  • Magnetek's Technical Manual - This will be used as the reference document in any technical discussion. Be sure to reference the Manual's Part Number and "Rev" number.
  • A copy of the Drive's parameter settings as they actually are set, and all fault signals/codes observed. (Note: Do not clear the fault history without recording faults and timestamps.)
  • Motor and transformer nameplate data.
  • Encoder nameplate data and mounting (if used).
  • Any observations made in power applied, car controller operation, safety chain functioning and overall installation that seem unusual or contributory in any way.

Repairs and Returns

A Return Material Authorization (RMA) Number must be obtained before retuming any item. The customer must also provide a Repair Purchase Order to Magnetek before a return will be authorized. Magnetek will then issue a Return Material Authorization Number to the customer. This number must appear on the shipping container exterior and customer packing list.

The following information is needed to issue a Return Material Authorization Number:
  • "Bill to" Customer Name (you must have an account with us). Otherwise, we do accept credit cards with an additional handling fee applied
  • Contact Person
  • Shipping Address and Shipping Contact Person
  • Contact Phone Number
  • Contact Email Address
  • Unit Model Number
  • Unit Serial Number
  • Description of Failure
  • New Purchase Order Number (For Repair or Replacement Costs - Will be Credited if Status is Determined Warranty Repair)
  • Original Purchase Order Number (Very Helpful in Determining if Warranty Repair)

Repairs and Returns Contacts

In the United States call 800-236-1705; Press 2

In the United Kingdom call +44 (0) 1234 349191

All returns and repairs must have a Return Material Authorization (RMA) Number issued by Magnetek for tracking purposes (For Price; Delivery; Follow-up) prior to receipt. 

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