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This product is currently only available in the United Kingdom

Magnetek offers Uninterruptable Power Supply Modules (UPS) as add-on accessories for HPV® 900 Series 2, HPV® 900 Axial Flux, and Quattro® Cube elevator drives.

Core (Single Phase) and NGS (Three Phase) Series UPS models are the ideal solution in power loss situations:

  • Applications range from a simple brake lift solution that allows the elevator to roll in the out-of-balance direction to the next floor for passenger evacuations, to more complex applications that require full operation of the elevator
  • UPS Sizing Tool enables the selection of the most suitable UPS to operate any load at any speed for any length of time
  • Dry contact card included to provide status outputs to the car controller
  • Optional Ethernet and serial output interfaces for communication to car controllers and BMS systems, enabling informed decisions based on the battery status of the UPS



  • Designed to work as a standalone unit or in a 19" rackmount system
  • LCD control panel displays UPS and power parameters and a visual display of UPS status
  • USB, RS232, and Ethernet interface for computer-network communication with SNMP protocol support
  • ECO-Mode provides up to 99% efficiency and allows for significant cost reductions and heat emissions
  • High overload capacity provides power reliability during peak demand conditions
  • Easily configurable to extend operation time



  • Automatic Bypass (Static Switch) provides continuous load supply in critical conditions, such as overheating and inverter failure
  • LCD control panel displays UPS and power parameters
  • Modbus, RS232, and USB communication for supervision and control
  • SPWM IGBT Rectifier and Inverter provides excellent THDi and Input Power Factor performance
  • Easily configurable to extend operation time


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