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Magnetek’s New Digital Elevator Drive System Passes Major Milestone

MENOMONEE FALLS, Wis. - September 2005 - Magnetek announced that it has reached a major milestone in the development of its new family of elevator drives. The revolutionary Quattro® drive system has been performing flawlessly in a KONE Inc. elevator test facility in Moline, IL, thus passing a major milestone in its rise to commercialization. Magnetek patented hardware and software allow the Quattro drive system to control both direct-current (DC) and alternating current (AC) motor-driven elevators.

The new drive system’s digital technology also enables elevators to regenerate almost as much power when they descend as they consume when they ascend, virtually pumping electricity back into the building mains and the utility grid. This regenerative feature saves considerable energy, cutting building owners’ operating costs substantially. Designed-in harmonic filters prevent electromagnetic interference from affecting other building systems, adding to the Quattro drive system’s environmental and economic advantages.

Quattro provides in one compact unit, all of the subsystems necessary to control total elevator motion, damping out sideways sway and jitter as well as vertical bounce. Together with its universal AC/DC drive capability, this saves elevator builders and contractors manufacturing and retrofit time and money, while assuring building owners of stable, comfortable elevator rides for their patrons.

The Quattro family is the latest generation in Magnetek’s long lineage of elevator drives dating back over 25 years. Magnetek pioneered the application of solid-state drives to elevators in the 1980s. Today, three generations of Magnetek AC drives and digital field regulators, and thousands of the Company’s analog and digital DC direct drives power elevators on six continents. Most of the world’s tallest buildings utilize Magnetek drive systems on their highest speed cars.

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